While facing her own personal battle with brain cancer, Becca Schofield is often asked what others can do to help. In December 2016, she took to social media to give friends and well-wishers an answer: Spread kindness because #BeccaToldMeTo.

Since then, the #BeccaToldMeTo movement has taken flight around the world and hundreds of people have chimed in with their own acts of kindness as well as their experiences being on the receiving end of one. The hashtag allows Becca to follow along with each story of a happy surprise done for another in her name.

To honour Becca and her ongoing battle, her hometown of Riverview, NB has renamed the town’s annual Random Acts of Kindness Day to #BeccaToldMeTo Day, ensuring the legacy of Becca’s global kindness campaign continues for years to come.

“It’s an effect that knows no borders, reaching millions now through social media and major TV networks,” said Mayor Ann Seamans. “And it started with one caring teenage girl on a mission to spread kindness here in Riverview. Becca Schofield has demonstrated extraordinary grace, and brought big and small joys to so many.”

On September 16, 2017 the Town of Riverview and its residents are asking people everywhere to do the same and perform an act of kindness using the hashtag #BeccaToldMeTo.

Acts of kindness can be simple and free. What will yours be?


Link to Town of Riverview Event

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