This is an excerpt from a Facebook post by Becca’s Dad Darren at the Halifax Harbour Waterfront on September 1, 2017:

Becca was feeling well enough today to celebrate on the boardwalk in Halifax for a couple of hours. We got to do some touristy things today-and it was great❤️? Shopped for some cool designer socks at Sock it To Ya (just off Spring Garden Road), then went down to the Boardwalk for a walk, some fries from Smoke’s, some cold stone ice cream from Sugah’s, and a movie about whales at the Seadome (thanks to our friends at the Ronald McDonald House for the tickets for this movie). I was even able to get into one of the pictures, as our neighbors were also on the Boardwalk and snapped the pic for me (yes, I forgot my razor in Riverview-I’m a bad packer lol). This is the first birthday in 3 years that Becca hasn’t had to celebrate inside of a hospital, so I’m one happy Dad today.

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